The Grand Machine

Composite 2

The machine has started working again. Gears grinding, wheels turning. Steel biting into concrete, into earth. Men with burnt skin carry heavy loads on their backs, only slightly lighter than the burden in their own hearts. Giant cranes stand tall near and far, swinging their necks from side to side. This grand machine turns fresh water into mud, air into dust.

The little men in yellow hats are smiling to themselves.

Do you remember the sound of birds?


Note: Responding to the increasing number of Covid19 cases, the Malaysian government implemented a Movement Control Order (MCO) beginning 18 March. During this period all social activity, business operations and construction was temporarily suspended. The MCO was then extended repeatedly until 12 May. For a brief moment, we stopped. We stopped destroying the environment as we did before. By 4 May, most businesses were allowed to resume operations, although movement control was still in order. The machine has to keep running. 

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