Antarctica – Nomads

“Being of warmer climate than the rest of the continent, the Antarctic peninsula plays host to a myriad of curious creatures. In the heat of summer they gather here to feed, nest and breed.

Penguins dot the landscape with their little enclaves, a colony of many thousand, most of them too young too swim. With great concentration, they wait for their feathers to moult, and soon they will be ready for the open seas.

The seals were the liveliest, playfully jostling each other on land, and later gliding through the water like a torpedo towards an unsuspecting penguin. The most majestic of all were the whales, gentle giants of an unimaginable scale, twirling around the boat and under us with the grace and poise of a ballet dancer.

Come winter, when Antarctica freezes over, these nomads will leave the continent behind to make their way to warmer and greener pastures.”

The catalog of works can be viewed here.



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