No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land is an installation featuring two series of photographs; The first are fleeting glimpses of the icy landscape at dawn, and the latter monochromatic portraits of remnants from the whaling era on Deception Island, an active volcanic caldera. How ironic that beautiful landscape should only last for a brief moment, and symbols of violence should be naturally preserved for generations.

The ‘invisible’ perforations on the prints represent a gradually fracturing continent as the world continues to warm. Last July, a 6,000 square kilometres ice sheet, weighing more than a trillion tonnes, broke away from continental ice shelf. Visitors are encouraged to tear away a small piece of the print, in an act reflecting man’s instinctive nature of wanting to own, or to claim ownership of, physical territories and objects.

DSC06890DSC06679IMG_1156IMG_1245IMG_1314IMG_2462 (1)IMG_2467

Balai Seni Negara (National Art Gallery)
September – October 2017

Download the full catalogue here.

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