Postcards from the South

The story of the railways is the story of Malaysia. It is the steel thread that binds all of our unique histories and cultures together.

Projek Keretapi Kita celebrates this living heritage by documenting it. The first phase of this long-term project explores the old Southern Line between Gemas and Tanjong Pagar Railway station. Through pictures, videos, and interviews, the project gives voice to the histories of people, the railways, and the towns and cities it sustains.

The project’s first book, Postcards from the South is expected to be published by March 2018. This book features a compilation of recorded oral history from the southern line, visual documentation of trains and railway stations, and new research material on the early history of our railways.

A parallel exhibition of hand-printed photographs, and railway artefacts is currently on display at the KL Biennale 2017, National Art Gallery, ending March 2018.

For more info, follow the project’s Facebook page at or Instagram @keretapikita.

DSC05429DSC05881DSC05957IMG_1727IMG_1796IMG_20193 Old JB StationDSC03600

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