A journey into the heart of coffee shop culture in Kuala Lumpur. This short documentary was filmed as part of the kopitiam photo essay project commissioned by TimeOutKL. 

Portrait of an Invisible Man

Mr. Moorthy is quite possibly the last working film projectionist in Malaysia. He had spent the last 30 odd-years feeding reels of film into the projector, making sure the patrons of the cinema are entertained with their weekly, if not daily, fix of cinema escapism. Today his job is being replaced with an automated digital system.

Kodim : A closer look at Adat Perpatih

In the tradition of Adat Perpatih practised by the majority of the orang Minang in Negri Sembilan, Malaysia, only the female member of the family is entitled to inherit the property and wealth of the family. While the men are encouraged to venture the world and seek a fortune and as such, women are expected to stay at home and be responsible of the family.

The Apprentice 学徒

Low Kok Kee is 67. He runs a print shop in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Foto Pak Tai has been faithfully serving the photography and printing needs of the local community since the 1940's. With the advent of the digital age and a rapidly fluctuating appetite of the young and hip, Pak Tai is a business in decline.